• Today @martinfeld and I received the commissioned portrait of our 14-year-old cockatiel, Rocky!

    Hand-drawn by the incredible Kayla Reay!!

    (and the reference image Kayla used to draw her)

  • Can you tell @martinfeld and I love Wollongong??

  • Yesterday I went for a walk around part of Lake Illawarra for the first time ever! Don’t know what’s taken me so long! 😍

  • In a devastating turn of events, we sadly said goodbye to our other guinea pig, Coco, yesterday. Coco adored Paco and was always by his side, so @martinfeld and I are at peace knowing he didn’t have to live without Paco for too long. ❤️

  • A very sad day here. Our beloved Paco passed away this morning. He was the greatest guinea pig anyone could ask for. ❤️

  • Easter just got a whole lot sweeter! 🖥 ❤️🐰 @martinfeld

  • Five years ago today I adopted Paco from a university buy and sell page on Facebook. He’s by far the greatest thing that website ever provided me (other than using it to meet and chat with @martinfeld)! 🥰

  • Caught red-handed! This cheeky possum decided the steal an apple from a student’s lunchbox!

  • It’s been a minute, but here’s a photo of the cutest guinea pigs in Australia! Paco and Coco enjoyed their time indoors on a 40 degrees Celsius day!

  • Frog Friday!

  • I love me some Pete Cromer artworks, so when I found out that the contemporary Australian artist had released free printables for others to recreate his art during these crazy times, I jumped on the bandwagon! @martinfeld and I had so much fun making these dream birds! 🥰

  • Friday night dinner with @martinfeld and an unexpected visitor! Rocky heard the crinkle of the chip bag and she flew over to join in! Lucky we also had some leftover corn to give her! P.s. budgies were busy kissing in the background.

  • Happy new year!

    Much love, Natasha, @martinfeld , Paco and Coco! 🥳💕

  • Rogue and Rio: double trouble!

  • Meet Freddo! He’s a little frog that’s been living in my friend’s pot plant for the last two years! 🐸

  • Paco and Coco’s annual Christmas photo is here! My favourite gifts every day of the year! 🎁🎄💕

  • City Lights by Australian artist Brendan Van Hek. Darling Square, Sydney, Australia

  • Don’t tell me how to eat my breakfast: The Paco Story

  • School holidays are the best time to finish old craft projects! Finally! Hola Llama cross stitch kit by Crafty Like A Fox

  • Meet Coco (or κουκούτσι - Greek for pip/seed) my other little cutie GP! This is him right after a bath. 😍

  • Hello, micro.blog!

    My name is Natasha and I’m here to provide wholesome guinea pig content! Pictured is my firstborn, Paco (the taco 🌮), just before I married @martinfeld!

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